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City of Northglenn Municipal Code

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Procedures
Chapter 4. Public Safety
Chapter 5. Finances
Chapter 6. Contracts and Purchasing
Chapter 7. Automobiles and Traffic
Chapter 8. Municipal Court
Chapter 9. General Offenses and Nuisance Control
Chapter 10. Building Regulations
Chapter 11. City of Northglenn Zoning Ordinance
Chapter 12. Subdivision Regulations. Repealed. (Ord. 1766, 2019)
Chapter 13. Municipal Elections
Chapter 14. Animal Control
Chapter 15. Local Improvement Districts
Chapter 16. Public Property, Utilities and Services
Chapter 17. Parks and Recreation
Chapter 18. Licensing
Chapter 19. Special Proceedings
Chapter 20. Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 21. Sign Code. Repealed. (Ord. 1766, 2019)

The City of Northglenn Municipal Code may have received additional legislation but they are not currently scheduled to be codified. Adopted but uncodified ordinances can be viewed here.