Article 5-1. Reserved
Article 5-2. Tax Administration Code
Article 5-3. Northglenn Sales and Use Tax Code
Article 5-4. Interest
Article 5-5. Telephone Occupation Tax
Article 5-6. Reserved
Article 5-7. Miscellaneous Revenues
Article 5-8. Budget and Appropriations
Article 5-9. Reserved
Article 5-10. Reserved
Article 5-11. Admissions Tax
Article 5-12. Enhanced Sales Tax Incentive Program
Article 5-13. Business Incentive Zone
Article 5-14. Certification of Delinquent Charges
Article 5-15. Program For Sales Tax Rebate On Food Purchases
Article 5-16. Use Of Mill Levy For Rehabilitating And Reconstructing City Streets
Article 5-17. Use of One-Half Percent (0.5%) Sales Tax Used Exclusively for the Construction and Rehabilitation of Capital Improvements
Article 5-18. Marijuana Sales Tax Used Exclusively For Capital Improvements And Public Facilities