Article 10-1. Building Department
Article 10-2. International Building Code
Article 10-3. National Electrical Code
Article 10-4. International Plumbing Code
Article 10-5. International Fire Code
Article 10-6. International Mechanical Code
Article 10-7. International Fuel Gas Code
Article 10-8. International Residential Code
Article 10-9. Elevator And Escalator Code
Article 10-10. Repealed (Ord. 1289, 2001)
Article 10-11. International Energy Conservation Code
Article 10-12. Asbestos Control
Article 10-13. Repealed (Ord. 1476, 2007)
Article 10-14. Emergency Radio Coverage
Article 10-15. Uniform Code For The Abatement Of Dangerous Buildings
Article 10-16. International Property Maintenance Code
Article 10-17. International Existing Building Code
Article 10-18. Contractor Licenses
Article 10-19. Growing of Medical Marijuana in Residential Structures
Article 10-20. Growing of Recreational Marijuana in Residential Structures for Personal Use
Article 10-21. International Swimming Pool And Spa Code