Section 2-8-1. City Departments.


Pursuant to Section 6.5 of the Northglenn City Charter, and upon recommendation of the City Manager, the City Council establishes and creates the following City Departments:


The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services;


The Department of Finance;


The Department of Public Works;


The Police Department;


The Department of Management Services;


The Department of Planning and Development; and


The Department of Technology.


Each Department shall have the powers, duties and responsibilities assigned to it by the City Manager, which powers, duties and responsibilities may be changed by the City Manager from time to time.


Each Department shall be supervised by a Director or Department Head who shall control and coordinate the activities of such Department under the direction of the City Manager.

[Source: Ord. 1503, 2007; 1611, 2011]

Section 2-8-2. References to Departments. Any and all references to the Departments existing prior to the effective date of this Article 8 shall be interpreted to apply to the Department to which the powers, duties and responsibilities of the preexisting Department have been assigned by the City Manager.

[Source: Ord. 1311, 2002]