Section 2-4-1. City Clerk - Appointment and Qualifications.


The City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Council for such term as the Council may desire.


The City Clerk, when appointed, shall be a citizen of the United States.


The salary of the City Clerk shall be fixed by City Council pursuant to resolution.


The City Clerk shall have the rights, benefits and responsibilities of a classified employee of the City, except insofar as such rights, benefits and responsibilities may be in conflict with the special powers and duties of the City Clerk set forth in the City Charter and this Article 4.

[Source: Ord. 581, 1980; 857, 1987]

Section 2-4-2. Duties. The City Clerk shall perform such duties as shall be required by the City Charter, City Council, and applicable statutes and ordinances.

[Source: Ord. 581, 1980]

Section 2-4-3. Office of City Clerk. The office of the City Clerk, in which shall be kept and maintained the official corporate seal of the City, shall be located in the same municipal building or offices of the City wherein are located the meeting place of the City Council or the office of the Mayor.

[Source: Ord. 581, 1980]

Section 2-4-4. Deputy City Clerks and Employees of the City Clerk's Office. The City Clerk may employ such deputies and other employees of the City Clerk's office as the City Clerk deems necessary and appropriate, and such employees shall be employees in the classified service of the City of Northglenn.

[Source: Ord. 581, 1980; 1513, 2008]