Section 18-16-1. Findings
Section 18-16-2. Purpose
Section 18-16-3. Incorporation of state law
Section 18-16-4. Authority
Section 18-16-5. Definitions
Section 18-16-6. License required for operation of a retail marijuana establishment
Section 18-16-7. Requirements of application for license; Payment of application fee; Denial of license
Section 18-16-8. Retail marijuana stores
Section 18-16-9. Retail marijuana products manufacturer facilities
Section 18-16-10. Retail marijuana cultivation facilities
Section 18-16-11. Retail marijuana testing facilities
Section 18-16-12. Dual operations
Section 18-16-12.5. Retail Marijuana Transporter: License Privileges
Section 18-16-13. Location criteria
Section 18-16-14. Persons prohibited as licensees and employees
Section 18-16-15. Issuance of license; Duration; Renewal
Section 18-16-16. Authority to impose conditions on license
Section 18-16-17. Annual operations fee; other fees
Section 18-16-18. Display of license
Section 18-16-19. Management of licensed premises
Section 18-16-20. Change in manager; Change in financial interest
Section 18-16-21. Transfer of ownership; Change of location
Section 18-16-22. Hours of operation
Section 18-16-23. Signage and avertising
Section 18-16-24. Security requirements
Section 18-16-25. Required notices
Section 18-16-26. Cultivation, growing and processing by licensees
Section 18-16-27. On-site consumption of marijuana
Section 18-16-28. Prohibited acts
Section 18-16-29. Visibility of activities; Paraphernalia; Control of emissions
Section 18-16-30. Disposal of marijuana byproducts
Section 18-16-31. Sales and business license required
Section 18-16-32. Sales tax
Section 18-16-33. Required books and records
Section 18-16-34. Inspection of licensed premises
Section 18-16-35. Nonrenewal, suspension or revocation of license
Section 18-16-36. Violations and penalties
Section 18-16-37. No City liability; Indemnification
Section 18-16-38. No waiver of governmental immunity
Section 18-16-39. Other laws remain applicable
Section 18-16-40. Rules and regulations; administrative approvals
Section 18-16-41. Judicial review
Section 18-16-42. Retail Marijuana Delivery