Section 11-24-1. Uses-by-Right.


The uses-by-right shall be subject to the following conditions:


All activities involving the processing, servicing, testing or repair of materials, goods, or products shall be conformed to the performance standards established in I-1 Zones.


All motor vehicle and mobile home displays shall be set back not less than 25 feet from any property line fronting on a street.


In addition to those set forth in Article 19, the following shall be uses-by-right:


All uses-by-right in C-1, C-3, and C-4 Zones.


Any processing, cleaning, servicing, testing, or repair of materials, goods, or products.


Permanent, non-portable amusement establishments, indoor and outdoor, including miniature golf courses, kiddie parks and other similar amusement centers, but not including drive-in theaters.


Automobile sales, new or used but in operating condition, limited to vehicles up to 1 1/2 tons capacity, provided that the automobile sales business was in operation prior to January 1, 2003. Automobile sales businesses commencing operation after January 1, 2003, or existing automobile sales businesses expanding to property not owned or occupied by the business prior to January 1, 2003, shall require a permitted use permit in accordance with article 30 of this zoning ordinance.


Automobile accessory stores (new and used parts and accessories).


Automobile service stations [subject to the setback requirements set forth in Section 11-30-6(b)(2)].


Battery, tire, muffler, and seat cover service stations.


Boat showrooms.


Car washes.


Dry cleaning establishments.


Electrical supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning supply, painting, and roofing supply sales.


Frozen food lockers.


Garages for repair and servicing of motor vehicles, including body repair, painting, and engine rebuilding, limited to vehicles up to 1 1/2 tons capacity.


Garages and parking lots, other than accessory garages and parking lots for the storage of motor vehicles.


Mobile home sales.


Live bait stores.


Machinery sales, excluding heavy equipment and farm machinery.


Motorcycle sales.


Printing shops.


Trailer sales and rental for use with private passenger motor vehicles.


The above-mentioned uses are by way of example and not by way of limitation.

[Source: Ord. 179, 1973; 1326, 2003]

Section 11-24-2. Reserved.

[Source: Ord. 290, 1974]

Section 11-24-3. Maximum Height of Structures. 60 feet.

[Source: Ord. 179, 1973]